MINDSTORMS is a robotic theme introduced by LEGO in 1998. The MINDSTORM kits contain various LEGO Technic pieces, sensors, and motors that allow you to create different types of working robots. Since its start it has come out with six different version: RXC 1.0, RCX 1.5, RCX 2.0, NXT 1.0, NXT 2.0, and the EV3.


In 1988 LEGO collaborated with MIT (Massachusetts Institute for Technology) to develop an "intelligent brick" that could bring LEGO creation to life via computer programming.


  • MINDSTORMS is the best-selling theme in LEGO's history.
  • Mindstorms was a such a heavy topic that, in the early years of the LEGO Message Boards, the theme took up nearly half of the postable topics in the discussion site.