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  • JSYK, the PAGENAME magic word for the emote templates isn't always going to work. Say you attempted to post an emote within a blog comment on a blog named "My drawings"..? No, since the syntax you put was [[File:{{PAGENAME}}.png]]
    Then this could be equivalent to
    [[File:My drawings.png]]

    Where in fact, in the blog comments the emote you really wanted to post for example was something like a wink. [[File:Wink.png]]

    This kind of magic word is a variable. It will vary, and the results of what the magic word will say does vary. Say you tried to post this..

    {{Wink}} {{TS}} {{ThumbsUp}}

    It would just end up looking something like this.

    [[File:{{PAGENAME}}.png]] [[File:{{PAGENAME}}.png]] [[File:{{PAGENAME}}.png]]

    Which all of these, could result in the same thing, even though we were trying to post different emotes. They'd all end up the same: As red links. (if the page name doesn't exist as a file) or it does exist, but exists as another image we don't want.

    [[File:Mydrawings.png]] [[File:Mydrawings.png]] [[File:Mydrawings.png]]

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  • MsD

    Nice work with the wiki! It looks good so far. Have anything planned?

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